The cultural association Terre Vivaci was born in 2009 whith the purpose of to promote art. For this end, it organizes courses, lessons and events for the knowledge of ceramic art and jewelery in several locations in Rome. The research and the study always make the lessons current and the student's path is always personalized and this also allows him to confront himself with new ideas, through his classmates who have chosen a different course. The limits of the techniques themselves always favor the search for a new channel of expression of one's creativity. The courses are for all those who love art and want to approach it through ceramics and jewelery. No previous skills are required, only love is required for these subjects, both if the goal is to have a new hobby, and to have a new professionalism. The ceramics lessons are for adults and childrens, while those for jeweler’s lesson they are only for adults. A special course is that of ceramic jewels embedded in metal and enriched with semiprecious stones. Furthermore, Vivere organizes thematic workshops for tourists who come to know the great works of our beautiful city of art. For them days dedicated to cold ceramics and fired ceramic decoration. The new manual ability, the new creativity will allow the student to see the infinite possibilities of the ceramics and goldsmithing arts.


Licia Manelli, graphic designer, ceramist and goldsmith, obtained her graphic studies at the IED, attended numerous ceramics schools, including PAOLELLI and the ROMAN RANIERI school in DERUTA and graduated as a goldsmith at the SAN GIACOMO institute. He is the creator of objects for arredate his home and creator of ceramic jewels, as well as a teacher at the association. As a teacher, he elaborates his own way of conducting his lessons in an original way. The path begins with a first phase of research that takes place through the enslavement of images and the subsequent elaboration through the design of our object and through the pictorial graphic study, The next phase, will test the manual ability both for the ceramic and for the 'jewelery. We will show our taste through the chosen colors or we will choose metal decorations for our object and finally we will test our ability through the finishing of our piece. Always ready to experiment, the lessons are never boring, and they are dynamic and at the same time relaxing.



1) slab technique
2) colombino technique
3) relief
4) neriage of clay
5) splinting with sealed earth
6) vetrofusioni


1) majolica painting 
2) glazed type decoration
3) fake mosaic
4) painting with enamels
5) cuerda seca
6) decoration with engobes
7) painting with lustres


All the techniques of
modelling and decoration
can be appled to the
construction of objects
for the person.
The lessons will also
include the assembly
of costume jewelery and
the assembly of batural
hard stones



The path dictated by cold ceramics in excellent. This material will allow us to create small objects for the home and jewelery, whthout having to bake our object.
furthermore, our product can be colored with all the colors of te painting and inside in we can also include materials.
The main site to learn about these techniques in found at VERTECCHI in Via Pietro da Cortona, 18, Rome


Modules of 8 repeatable lessons, both for firing and for cold ceramics. During the course in ceramic cooking the child will shape and decorate everyday objects, such as the cup where to drink milk, while during the cold ceramic lessons the child will learn techniques that he can then use at home alone. The school uses the teachings of the "laboratory to play with art" once directed by Bruno Munari.


Originalissio objects for themselves or to give to a person dear to your child. These are silver jewels, or other metals that will make the memory of your child's design eternal.
The characteristics of the design will be enhanced and pieces truly unique in the world will be created, because they are created by your child.



The design of a jewel is one of the most creative parts of our work. We will design the jewelery you want to make, after carefully observing images of those who worked before. So from observation to design, to processing with the most suitable technique to make your beautiful jewel.


We will make jewelery in the metal chosen from yellow, red, brown and white bronze, silver or gold. We will be able to collect semi-precious or precious stones in our jewel.
1)Processing with wax to pour
2) Working with soft wax plates
3) Hard wax processing


The basic techniques for the finishing of our jewels will be transmitted. From the use of the files to the hacksaw processing, to the finishing with the drill, and finallu to the polishing with the brushes. the stones will be embedded by professionals outside the structure.


All ceramic and goldsmith techniques will be used to create your beautiful ceramic jewelry. The ceramic stone will be made with the techniques of fired ceramic and cold ceramics. while the metal bezel will not only protect our beautiful stone, but will enrich the objct in a unique way, even with the addition of semi-precious stones. Precious, highly original jewels will dress the person who will wear them.


Cold themed ceramics workshops are created to give tourists the chance to come and stay in Roma, to admire the artistic beauties of the city, to create artistic craft objects with their own hands.

meetings of 3/5 hours, aimed at the realization of ceramic pendants or small bowis with cold ceramics, so our tourist can take home a souvenir made by himself, in our beautiful city of art, Rome.

For those who stay longer, it will be possible to experiment with a technique of decoration of the fired ceramic: the fake mosaic.

Our guest, who loves art, will now be an active part in creating a small artistic artefact, through the realization, with easy learning techniques and with the support of the teacher, delicious objects. The workshop in intended for anyone even if lacking experience in the artistic field.

Simple and proposed words are used of the subjects that guarantee a pleasant final result and therefore a nice memory to take home.

Furthermore in will be pollible to organize lessons for the childrens and this would allow parents to organize an alternative afternoon.



An original idea for all children. An entertainment service is offered through a nice cold ceramic lesson. Pendants painted bu little children will be made.
For those who prefer it, the jesson could be done to the parent who will then organize the party. In this case all the tools will be given for the successful outcome of the party.




Licia Manelli